About Hoyle Auto Service - Mechanic Zach Hoyle

Mission Statement: I take pride in providing high quality auto service, maintenance and repair. I do my best to give my customer's car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, ATV or van the same care as I give to my own vehicle." - Zachary Hoyle

Services: Quality service repair and maintenance for most cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs

Experience: I started working on 4 wheelers and dirt bikes before I was a teenager. I found that I had a knack for mechanic work and soon started working on cars and trucks. I loved this work and decided to make it my career. In 2006 I enrolled in UTI so I could get a professional education in mechanics. After spending nearly 2 years studying in Orlando, I graduated then landed a dream job with The Speed Company in Mount Holly NC. My boss had previously been in NASCAR racing and he taught me a tremendous wealth of knowledge in so many areas about so many different types of vehicles. I learned to work on NASCAR race cars, high performance cars, street cars, antique cars, classic cars, military vehicles, Baja race cars, kit cars, motorcycles and many others.

Education: Factory certified mechanic, 2008 graduate of Universal Technical Institute (UTI/MMI) Orlando, Florida.

Continuing Education:
I keep my knowledge base very fresh and up to date. I am on the internet daily researching various information databases, issues, parts, etc. I also regularly purchase various schematics and specifications for different projects. 

College Graduation and Celebration - Family Photos

2008 Zach Hoyle receiving diploma from Universal Technical Institute (UTI/MMI), NASCAR affiliate

2008 Zach Hoyle celebrates with family after graduation and receiving his diploma as a factory certified mechanic

Zach Hoyle big truck play toy

Zach Hoyle cruising in his big truck

Zach Hoyle on motorcycle

Zach Hoyle and family at church cemetery

Motorcycle DYNO DAY at The Speed Company

Zach's Honda motorcycle

Zach's Honda CBR1000 motorcycle

Zach in his toy truck